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 We know what a pain it is to go hungry, crave for food yet dream on about the beautiful sculpted body you want…but then it just becomes too difficult and with no energy, you have no option but to quit. Or you lose a few pounds, start looking better and the program ends. You go back to your old lifestyle and regain more pounds than what you shed after paying thousands of dollars to the weight loss facilities in Summerlin. So if you are sick of the weight loss attempts at other Summerlin fitness centers that make tall claims but are complete failures when it comes to showing results….We have a surprise for you!

Our unique Summerlin weight
loss program ACTUALLY works!

And do you know why?
Simply because we studied and researched why others failed and created a fool proof weight loss program that comes with a guarantee—100% results or your money back. The confidence in our program is backed up by hundreds of satisfied clients that are still maintaining their weight with the healthy techniques we taught them. Our comprehensive weight loss program does not believe in starving you or putting you on liquids to lose weight but our nutrition specialists and personal trainers work out a healthy diet chart and complement it with 1 hour of dynamic workouts at our weight loss center in Summerlin.

Do 1 hour workouts produce results?

Yes. Just 30 minutes twice a week. We have kept it flexible to make it fit into your hectic schedule. And even within these short sessions, we can show you how to burn off the extra layers of fat and shed the pounds to tone up your muscles and get that leaner sculpted body permanently. And we do this without making you starve or cause injuries.
We understand that with the fast paced lifestyle, balancing jobs and relationships, it is hard to get time to lose weight by signing up with a fitness center in Summerlin. But to have a healthy lifestyle and toned body, it is essential to keeping fit and avoiding the risk of diseases.

Allow us to show you the added benefits of
working with a weight loss fitness trainer!

The main advantage of working with a personal trainer at our weight loss facility in Summerlin is that they are sincere in their commitment to help you lose weight and tone up. They won’t let you fail and quit but motivate and encourage you at every step. Unlike other fitness centers in the Vegas area, our dedicated team of trainers are not interested in just collecting the pay check but devoted to help every individual achieve their fitness goals and maintaining them after they walk out the door.


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