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If you think that there isn’t a Weight Loss Program in Boulder City that can deliver the results it promises,

 Does that sound pretty harsh? Well, the mentality hasn’t changed for Boulder City Weight Loss centers that sell expensive programs and don’t even deliver the fitness and weight loss results they promise.  The surprising part is that our weight loss program in Boulder City comes with a 100% Refund GUARANTEE!

Did we just grab your attention? If we did, it was purely on purpose. We understand that your attitude is due to the money you invested in some other weight loss fitness programs that didn’t work.  We know that finding a Boulder City Weight Loss program that provides the real results it promises and educates you on techniques of maintaining those results just hasn’t happened for you because those were only empty promises to begin with.

With a Boulder City personal trainer, not only will you lose weight without injuries, but we will also provide you with information on maintaining that toned body permanently. That will also end the yo-yo diets, crash dieting and unhealthy exercise patterns.

If our program fails to satisfy you as you were promised,


You won’t actually find any weight loss and fitness program that offers a 100% money back guarantee anywhere in Boulder City or even in the Las Vegas area. Besides that, no other fitness and weight loss programs have the bare essential for a healthy weight loss covered as we do with a comprehensive planned format on health education, exercise, and nutrition.

Maybe one of those other fitness programs provided you with noticeable results, but the results were short termed or you wouldn’t be reading this now. We understand the frustration of dealing with yo-yo weight and diet problems. That is one reason that you should join our fitness weight loss center and see why our weight loss program is so effective.

Wondering about why our program works and the others have high failure rates?

  • We instruct you about a healthy diet and nutrition that lowers fat intake but gives high energy so you won’t relapse back into that behavior pattern or lifestyle that got you into trouble in the past
  • We don’t make you drink those diet supplements drinks or take ineffective supplements that come with a high price tag
  • We hook you up with a trainer that is committed to your success, not the commission they will earn by selling you a membership


Don’t you think that it’s time you did something to break this vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining it back? Then turn off the TV, get off of that couch, and pick up the phone to make that call.


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I want you to look Better, Feel Better and Live Better. That's why I'm offering you my unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE! Try my program for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money!
I really want you to be satisfied with Aguirre Fitness, and I'm completely confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you this incredible guarantee...
If you're not thoroughly convinced after 30 days that our services we provide for you are woth every single penny that you paid, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your money right on the spot!
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