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Are you wanting to join a Las Vegas personal training program but are confused? Well, join the perfect program for all your fitness needs!

If you have been doing the run of the mill exercises at the local gym but got disgusted with no results, we understand. To get that killer body, weight loss and toned look, you need a comprehensive program designed to shed pounds and add muscles. We worked our butt off, studied and designed a program that REALLY works.So if you are looking for a good way to get rid of the pot belly or flappy arms, there is no better way than to join the exciting Las Vegas area personal training program that specifically caters to shed weight and tone up fast!  With over 10 years in the fitness industry, we have been using scientific methods to get hundreds of people into shape and stay that way.

So what makes our Las Vegas personal training stand out?

Our Las Vegas personal training program is unique because we ensure that you have:

Guidance: At every step, your personal trainer will provide you with proper direction demonstrating the activities, exercises and the right way to do them. That is where many people lose out – they really have no clue on the exercises that really work and keep on slogging over the wrong ones.

Motivation: Your Las Vegas personal trainer will ensure that you are pushed to achieve your fitness goals far beyond your imagination. We know that with cheesy workouts, you get a cheesy body but to get that fit, toned physique- you need to work your butt off. Your personal trainer will motivate you, encourage you and sometimes shout at you, but the end result will justify the means.

Achieve Fitness: It is our guarantee that you will be fit, toned and get that killer body you have been yearning for if you complete our well designed fitness schedule. Your personal training sessions with the trainer will provide you with 100% results or get back your money!


Risk Free 100% Money Back if you try our 30 day personal training program
and are not satisfied with the results….

When you sign up for one of our personal training fitness program in Las Vegas, you start seeing the benefits of a healthy diet based on the nutritional information of calculated resting metabolic rate and strength training. Our expert trainers and nutritionists design comprehensive diet charts and related exercise regimen based on individual requirements for helping you lose weight, tone up and get that body you have always dreamed of. It is not difficult once you have the right attitude, a burning desire to look fit and experts like us to guide you!

Basically, we help you get an amazing body, lose fat, sculpt your muscles and that makes you feel good about yourself.

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I want you to look Better, Feel Better and Live Better. That's why I'm offering you my unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE! Try my program for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money!
I really want you to be satisfied with Aguirre Fitness, and I'm completely confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you this incredible guarantee...
If you're not thoroughly convinced after 30 days that our services we provide for you are woth every single penny that you paid, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your money right on the spot!
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