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Join the latest cutting edge personal training in Henderson that guarantees fitness and weight loss, to melt away the pounds for a well-toned and sculpted body, the healthy way!

 Well, we know you are disgruntled with your past attempts at weight loss and fitness, but we are here to give you that chance to actually realize your dreams of getting back into shape with our dynamic kick-ass personal training camp. Get the killer body you have always dreamt of within the Henderson personal training center to make it convenient for local residents.

If you are looking for a quick fix solution, you may be disappointed because although results would be visible within 30 days but you cannot look sculpted and snazzy within a week, no matter what the other Henderson personal fitness and weight loss centers sell you. Our personal training program not only helps you lose weight but will get you back into the envious sculpted body with toned muscles and teach you the nuances of living healthy.

You don’t have to hire an expensive personal trainer but an affordable, do-able fitness program that guarantees you 100% results…


YES!!!! We mean it. No fluff, no jokes…that is the truth and shows our commitment and confidence in the program. Become a member of our personal training facility in Henderson and give us 2 hours twice a week for 30 days from your hectic schedule to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.  Your money is safe and you have nothing to lose with the 100% refund that we guarantee. So what is left to lose? Except of course, the extra pounds!!

For over 10 years, we have been helping people in Henderson and surrounding towns of Vegas to lose weight, tone up, and get fit the healthy way. We do not promote crash diets and synthetic supplements to help you tone up but we make you sweat out with our fun workouts. It is true that it is not a cakewalk, but the look on the face of your friends and family seeing your new toned killer shape will be worth it.

The most positive aspects of our personal training program in Henderson as compared to other gyms are:

  • We have licensed professional trainers, nutritional specialists and health experts design a comprehensive weight loss and fitness training program
  • We motivate and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals
  • Make dynamic workouts fun and interesting so you don’t quit!
  • Provide all nutritional and health information to permanently maintain the weight loss and toned body even after you leave our program

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I want you to look Better, Feel Better and Live Better. That's why I'm offering you my unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE! Try my program for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money!
I really want you to be satisfied with Aguirre Fitness, and I'm completely confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you this incredible guarantee...
If you're not thoroughly convinced after 30 days that our services we provide for you are woth every single penny that you paid, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your money right on the spot!
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