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Are you a San Pablo resident who wants to get into the best shape of their life? At Aloha Health & Fitness our personal training program will help you achieve the fitness goals you have always been looking for….



Dear friend,

I’m Jennifer Aguirre, owner of Aloha Health & Fitness and personal trainer in San Pablo, Ca. I know exactly how it feels to be overweight, self-conscious about my looks, and depressed. It sucks. I was tired and fed up with the way I looked and finally decided it was time to make a change in my life.

I finally decided to get into the gym and start working out. Though it was a long process through trial and error, studying books, reading exercise manuals, and hard work in the gym, I was able to drop over 50lbs. in 6 months. My own family and friends didn’t even recognize me . I had more confidence, more energy, and was able to fit into clothes I couldn’t fit into. The best thing about my transformation was knowing that when I walked into the room people noticed me for once, and that is a great feeling.

Although my journey was a success I noticed others in the gym working out with various San Pablo personal trainers did not see the same noticeable results I had seen. I decided to do something about this and I started my own personal training program, Aloha Health & Fitness.

My team of personal trainers specialize in weight loss. It is our goal to get you into mind-boggling shape. Our personal trainers in San Pablo will put you through a 2-3 workouts a week which will involve resistance, cardio, and core training. We also subscribe a cardio program 2-3 days a week on the days you don’t workout with your personal trainer. These days include running, hiking, surfing, swimming, or any sport you like to participate in.

Getting in shape should not be boring or feel like a chore, but it should be exciting, enjoyable, and something to look forward to. Through our guidance of cutting edge training and nutritional guidance, we have helped hundreds of people in the Bay Area to drop pounds , sculpt muscles, and firm up their bodies. Our San Pablo personal trainers take your goals very seriously.

If you are highly motivated to make a life change and want an improvement in your life through fitness , then contact us today 925 323 0565 to speak to one of our San Pablo personal trainers or Richmond personal trainers.

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“Training at Aloha Health & Fitness I lost 33 lbs. in 3 months, best investment ever.”

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“I’ve tried other personal trainers in San Pablo before & seen no results. With Aloha Health & Fitness I lost 13 Pounds in 4 weeks.”

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