El Cerrito Personal Trainer

“Trying To Find The Right El Cerrito Personal Trainer For You?”

El Cerrito residents find our personal training program to not only meet their expectations, but also deliver jaw-dropping results!


Are you stuck in a rut and hate going to the gym? Do you have a hard time finding the right personal trainer in El Cerrito that can specialize for your fitness needs? At Aloha Health & Fitness our main goal is to deliver you results!

The best way to find the right personal trainer is to look at their clients results and not how many certifications they have. Finding the right personal trainer can be difficult because you can’t judge a trainer by the way they look. How many times have you been to your local El Cerrito fitness center and seen a trainer with the same overweight client, who hasn’t lost any weight. This is a sign of a trainer who isn’t great at motivating their client. They are probably their to collect a check. Judge a trainer’s skill by how many of their clients you have seen with noticible results.

That’s why at Aloha Health & Fitness it is very important to us that you get the results you paid for because you are a everyday walking advertisement for our training program.

Before you can train with one of our El Cerrito personal trainers, you need to answer “Yes” to the follow:

  • Can you train 2-3 days a week in a semi-private training session? Yes/No
  • Are you dedicated to make a positive change in your life with our exercise and nutrition program? Yes/No
  • Will you be able to find time to do cardio training on your own at least 2-3 days a week? Yes/No
  • Are you willing to refer your friends and family when they are trying to find a personal trainer near El Cerrito? Yes/No

If you anwered yes to any of these questions, it means that you are ready to make a lifestyle change with your health and fitness.

If you are ready to find a trainer that will kick your butt into shape and enable you to transform your body then Aloha Health & Fitness personal training program is right for you. Contact us today (510) 919 6806 to interview one of our El Cerrito personal trainers.

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