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“Henderson Boot Camp Will Get You Healthy, Toned Body, Drop Unwanted Weight, So That You Look & Feel Good About Yourself Or You Don’t Pay A Dime”

“Now You Can Finally Say Good-Bye To You Flabby Stomach, Fat Hips & Thighs When You Join Our Henderson Bootcamp!”

Let me ask you a question…Are you frustrated with: Frustrated Pic

  • Sticking & following a diet that doesn’t work?
  • Never having time for yourself?
  • Not having enough energy throughout the day?
  • Bored of your current workout program
  • Feeling discouraged because your not motivated to get started on your own?
  • Feeling unhappy and uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • Not getting the results you want?
  • Hate going to a crowded gym?

Christian Aguirre Personal Trainer

Dear Friend,

My name is Christian Aguirre and I’m the only Henderson Boot Camp that guarantees that you will get a flatter stomach, toned muscles, have more energy, and get you into the best shape of your life.

Whether you are currently on a workout program already and need something different or you may be a beginner, we will walk you by the hand step by step through the whole process.

Our un-traditional training techniques and nutrition program have made a lot of people skeptical…Then why is because are Henderson Bootcamp has gotten locals in amazing shape in the shortest amount of time.

Our fitness bootcamp will literally transform your body over night.  But you be the judge of that…

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“I Know What You May Be Thinking”

  • It’s too hard with my work schedule (especially with kids)
  • Totally bored with your current workout program
  • Not enough time for yourself to workout on your own.
  • You hate big box corporate gyms
  • Not motivated enough to do this on your own.

“Finally Thanks To Our HendersonBoot Camp…Now You Don’t Have To Deal With Any Of That Again”

  • No DIETING. Diets don’t work, just follow our simple nutritional guidelines and you will start seeing results.
  • Our “out of the box” training program will help you shut down your fat hormones so that you don’t store any more fat, especially in the hips and thighs area.
  • At our Henderson Boot Camp, we will combine functional, body weighted, cardio exercise in a fun and motivating workout environment.
  • Plus you will get 24hour motivation from your very own fitness coach that is going to help you along your way to achieving your results.

Christian Aguirre CPT, PES, BS, MS Kinesiology

aguirre fitness las vegasOwner of Aguirre Fitness, Christian is one of Henderson’s premier personal trainers. Christian has over 18 years of experience and has helped thousands of previous clients reach their fitness goals. He began training clients more than a decade ago working in corporate fitness gyms and is professionally recognized on numerous occasions for superior performance. Now based in the Las Vegas area, Christan is motivated to incorporate all of his fitness knowledge to help his clients discover a lean fit body.

He believes one of the things that makes him so successful is his commitment to employing new and inventive workouts to help his clients stay motivated and unlock lean and fit bodies.

As a skilled trainer and fitness specialist, Christian devotes individual time to each client in order to create a tailored exercise and nutrition plan that literally guarantees results. Christian is so confident in his regiment he offers his clients a money-back guarantee.

Jenn Aguirre NASM-CPT,PES,Pre/Post Natal & Sports Nutrition Certified

aguirre fitness las vegasCo-owner of Aguirre Fitness, Jennifer Aguirre is a certified fitness professional dedicated to educating and coaching clients on the latest fitness techniques. Jenn has more than a decade of experience in successfully motivating clients towards their goals.  Prior to co-founding Aguirre Fitness, she spent ten years working as a personal trainer and fitness manager for large corporate gyms. 

Jenn is no stranger to seemingly insurmountable health and fitness goals in her own life.  At only twenty-one years of age, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a serious gastrointestinal disorder as well as a hypoactive thyroid.  She has also successfully battled and overcome an eating disorder and chronic colitis. Her own medical battles helped to fuel her commitment and desire to educate herself on nutrition and metabolic dieting.  Following an extremely strict exercise and nutrition plan Jenn was eventually able to be taken off prescription medication and her disease is now in remission.

Certified as a pre-natal and post-natal fitness expert, Jenn finds joy in helping women during such a critically important time in their life. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy in 2008 she was driven to work hard and get into the best shape of her life.  Within 8 weeks, she was back in fantastic shape with only 18% body fat.

Jenn is passionate about her work and helping her clients achieve success. Being able to motivate and encourage her clients to push beyond their comfort zone and graduate to a new level of fitness success.

I want you to look Better, Feel Better and Live Better. That's why I'm offering you my unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE! Try my program for 30 days and if you aren't completely satisfied, I'll refund your money!
I really want you to be satisfied with Aguirre Fitness, and I'm completely confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you this incredible guarantee...
If you're not thoroughly convinced after 30 days that our services we provide for you are woth every single penny that you paid, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your money right on the spot!
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