Fitness Center, Gym, Health Club in Oakland Ca.

“Beware of Joining Your Local Fitness Center, Gym or Health Club in Oakland.” 

Oakland Ca. Health Club Special Report

Dear friend,

I want to warn you about the scams that are going on in local fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs in Oakland Ca. There are too many used car salesman that work in these facilities making fake claims about weight loss results that occur in their gyms just to attract you to enroll in their health club.

Most of these health clubs and fitness centers in Oakland are big, glamorous, high tech equipment, and have an attractive ambience. That’s what most of these health clubs and gyms in Oakland will sell you. The “bells & whistles” of their fitness center. The decor and size of the gym are useless to achieving your fitness goals.

After you are sold on a long term contract with these health clubs, after a week or so you will be left frustrated. Once these fitness clubs have your money they will leave you alone and never interact with you again until it’s time to resign on another long term contract.

The only way to truly achieve your fitness goals is not joining a big and fancy gym, you need someone to guide and motivate you through your journey. The problem is that most cooperate fitness clubs and health clubs in Oakland don’t have alot of qualified personal trainers.

It is very hard to find a good personal trainer in Oakland. Most of these trainers in these gyms are self glorified salesman who just want you hard earned money like the owner of these health clubs. But before you join your local Oakland health club or fitness center, you should be aware of the following:

  • Be ready to commit to the workouts before you commit to signing a long term contract.
  • There are alot of salesman in health clubs and gyms that disguise themselves as fitness professionals.
  • The trait of a good personal trainer, is one that keeps you accountable, motivating, and someone who programs and progresses their workouts.

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