Your Eating Habits Affect Your Skin

A healthy look is a sexy look and your skin radiates your health every day. Exercise, avoiding bad habits, good hydration and healthy eating habits affect your skin and create that attractive appearance. While it’s easy to understand exercise and avoiding things like smoking, exactly what food is healthy and adds to both your overall health and vibrant complexion? Just how does what you eat make a difference?

Inflammation plays a role in attractive skin.

Inflammation plays an important role in the body’s survival. It’s the first line of defense to protect the cells from invaders like viruses and bacteria. However, sometimes, inflammation can go amok and attack the body itself. This can happen when you have chronic inflammation. It can lead to damage to the DNA and cause tissue death. It can affect the organs, cells and tissue, leading to cancer, heart disease and even accelerated aging. Highly processed foods not only lead to inflammation, they also deprive the body of the nutrients necessary to protect the skin.

You need food that fights free radicals.

Free radicals are missing an electron. They latch onto parts of the cells and steal the electron, causing changes in the cell via oxidation. Food that is high in refined sugar or highly processed contain free radicals. Processed meats, sugary treats, baked goods, large amounts of red meat, alcohol, cooking oil that’s reused and most junk food are high in free radicals. It’s not just food that does it, excess exposure to UV rays, certain chemicals, smoking, pollution, certain drugs and ozone can release free radicals. Certain foods can protect you from some of the problem. For instance, some foods provide UV ray protection, such as tomatoes.

It’s more than just oxidation and free radicals, you need the right building blocks, too.

Your body is changing every day with cells replacing dying cells. In order to have attractive skin, you need a good source of protein to make collagen and elastin. Fish is an excellent source and fatty fish, like salmon, also contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve skin health. Choosing vegetables and fruit in a rainbow of colors ensures you’ll get a wide variety of vitamins and phytonutrients. Vitamins particularly important for healthy skin are vitamin A and vitamin C.

  • What you drink is as important for skin health as what you eat. Limit your intake and avoid soft drinks. Instead, drink water. It flushes the toxins out of your body and hydrates your skin at the same time.
  • Some food that appears in most kitchens that should be avoided are sweetened cereals and some that aren’t, refined wheat products like white bread and pastry and white rice. Green tea is another good option.
  • Keep your eyes bright and avoid dark circles by adding kale to your diet. It’s healthy for you and high in antioxidants, whether it’s cooked or eaten raw.
  • You need healthy fat in your diet to get a moist, smooth complexion. Cucumbers are also good for the skin. They contain silica, which helps build collagen and increases elasticity. Add both to your next salad.

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