Why Diet Pills Don’t Work For Weight Loss East Bay

Many of the diet pills on the market today make ridiculous claims that consumers can lose weight without having to diet or that in less than a month, they can drop 6 sizes.  As Americans, we have become so accustomed to a “quick fix” that these potentially dangerous claims actually sound good to us.


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We simply forget the weight did not miraculously appear overnight and no matter what the manufacturers of these diet pills say, it will not come off overnight, either.  We don’t realize that in order to experience permanent weight loss, the solution is not in a diet pill Las Vegas.  It’s within a lifestyle change that includes a whole-foods diet, exercise and plenty of water.

Many diet pills contain stimulants like caffeine and other harsh substances that give your metabolism a “boost.”  The only problem is, it’s a fake “boost” that fizzles once you stop taking them.  Think about your body on diet pills like a race car boosted with nitrous oxide.  Yes, it may get down the track a lot faster than one with no boost, but more often than not, the engine gets worn out a lot quicker.  The same thing happens to your body when you feed it harsh stimulants.  

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Chances are, people who are overweight have an unhealthy relationship with food.  While you may experience quick weight loss by taking diet pills, you aren’t fixing the problem that got those jeans tighter in the first place.  You may have found a temporary solution to portion control, which results in weight loss, but once you stop taking the diet pills, your appetite will go back it’s normal, avaricious self.

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With the “on-the-go” lifestyle many people have, diet pills offer a false sense of hope.  Diet pills promise to take the “work” out of accomplishing the true goal of losing weight.  The truth is, it will leave you back at Square One when all is said and done.  Diet pills do not replace healthful eating, teach you how to effectively control portions on your own or give your body the benefit of exercise.  If you look at it this way, taking a diet pill and using that as the primary means of losing weight is only going to make it that much harder on your body, especially since yo-yo dieting can have devastating effects on the cardiovascular system.

lose weight Las Vegas

Let’s face it; who doesn’t want a quick fix?  Especially when the marketers of these diet pills make them sound like a godsend and you can achieve weight loss in record time.  While it may sound too good to be true, you can bet on the fact that it is Las Vegas..  The fact is, nothing replaces eating right, exercise and having a healthy relationship with food like the real thing.

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