Why Boot Camp Classes Are Better In The East Bay

Boot camp fitness training is becoming more popular amongst the members of Bay Area gyms and fitness centers.  More and more people are seeking a fun way to shake up their current workout routines; boot camp classes offer just the ticket to break up the monotony.  Boot camp classes at a fitness studio are especially ideal for those who wish to participate in smaller groups.

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A few of the many benefits of boot camp fitness training is that it offers cardio, resistance training and stretching all in one hour-long class.  Since no two boot camp classes are alike, this type of training is also beneficial in helping break out of the plateau you may find yourself in.  Not to mention, these classes also offer a total-body workout that will challenge you, no matter how good of shape you may be in.

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Boot camp classes typically offered in some bay area gyms have a military approach, which has turned some people off from wanting to participate.  Most East Bay boot camp classes are definitely not modeled from a military perspective.  Instead, they are geared to encourage people to go at their own pace.  These classes are meant to motivate, not bemoan or discourage people.   Also, these classes are typically appropriate for people of all fitness levels.

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Perhaps one of the keys that make boot camp classes so effective is the fun factor.  If you are tired of your average, every day run-of-the-mill push-ups or sit-ups, boot camp fitness training utilizes things such as park equipment, medicine balls, and resistance bands.  Weather permitting, outdoor classes can offer a refreshing change to being indoors sweating it out on a treadmill.  Not to mention, there is very little risk of boredom in these classes.

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In addition to the fun factor, another benefit is group camaraderie.  It is very easy to get off-track when working out solo.  In a group setting such as a boot camp class, motivation is high as people lean on each other for motivation. 

If you are looking for something new to revitalize your workout routine, try boot camp fitness training today!  You will get a total body workout in about an hour and have the added benefit of doing in a fun and weather permitting, outdoor setting.  It’s a perfect way to break out of a boring treadmill routine!

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