When “Healthy” Eating Isn’t Healthy

No matter what grocery you go to in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, you’ll find food labeled “healthy” that promote various things like fat free or gluten free eating. Food that you think must be good for you and great for weight loss are sold under the guise of these misleading labels. Many times this the food you’re eating isn’t healthy and another gimmick was used to market it, sometimes even charging an exorbitant price. It’s hard to sort it all out, which is why we focus on diet as well as exercise at Aguirre Fitness.

Low fat foods sound like they should help you shed those extra pounds.

If you’re trying to lose weight, logic tells you that the less fat something has, the better it is for your diet and probably healthier it is. That’s just not true. Consider low fat milk products, for starters. Low fat yogurt, for instance, sounds super healthy. It’s yogurt and that bad fat has been removed, what’s not to love? However, fat gives yogurt flavor and without it, it has to be sweetened to be palatable. Check out the sugar content of these types of yogurt. It’s often higher than many desserts. Fat isn’t bad for you if it’s healthy fat. It actually helps yo lose weight by making you feel full longer, so you eat less. Skip the low fat versions.

Granola or granola bars may be good as a snack because it’s convenient, but it’s often not healthy.

You pat yourself on the back for choosing that granola bar over the chocolaty goodness of a candy bar, but are you doing yourself a favor? Not necessarily. Many granola products tout being healthy or just rely on the reputation of granola, when in actuality they’re loaded with sugar. They may have healthy ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruit and rolled oats, but then go astray with sugar or products containing sugar like chocolate bits or a sweet yogurt coating.

Fruit juices, protein shakes and bottled smoothies fall into the category of misleading.

Of course, you’re better off drinking fruit and vegetable juice than you are drinking a cola, but it doesn’t mean these are low calorie. They contain high amounts of sugar and vegetable drinks, may also have fruit in for flavor or high amounts of sodium. You’re better off eating an apple and drinking a glass of water. You’ll fill up because of the fiber and be hydrated too. Those protein drinks are even worse. Some contain artificial sweeteners or loads of sugar. If you want a smoothie or protein drink. Control the contents and make them at home.

  • If you’re trying to cut the calories and look your best, don’t switch to diet cola, switch to water instead. New studies show that drinking diet colas correlates with belly fat and a bigger waistline.
  • Gluten-free is important if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you buy it because you think it’s healthy, you’ll pay more for gluten-free products. Even worse, products that are naturally gluten-free like rice, often has a gluten-free label across the front and cost more.
  • Fake meat—a vegetarian burger option—isn’t necessarily healthier. If the meat is made in a lab, I question how healthy it is. Checking out the facts on the latest vegetarian options at fast food establishments, the vegetarian burger is far higher in sodium.
  • It’s become harder and harder to navigate through the advertisement and hype when it comes to food. At Aguirre Fitness, we help you with a diet that is designed specifically to fit your taste, needs and goals.

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