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Okay, we are here for our weight loss workout, so basically what we’re doing is I’m gonna put you through a series, and I have my little cheat sheet, you guys are gonna write this down too, you can do this at your house, do this at the gym, wherever. But basically just a weight loss workout and there’s 1,2,3,4,5 exercises,.

I haven’t brought it out in a while but basically you guys know I love my jump rope, you need either a wood floor or a rug and two paper plates a pair of socks, whatever and then we got a tube. That’s really all that you’re gonna need. So I want you guys to step it up, we are going to do 50 of everything with 1-2 minutes of jump rope in between that’s gonna be the last thing.

So, 50 of everything; you’re gonna be in a ½ burpee position, so I call them ½ burpees because you’re not gonna stand up but you are gonna move your legs. So basically what I mean is you’re gonna be face down, right here, just like on your knees make a square. Then, let your knees hover, now this is where you’re gonna stay, and what you’re gonna do is hop your feet out to the side so this is obliques but  you want your feet to land right back here.

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So, you really gotta think about what your doing so boom and down, to the other side, boom and down. You should really feel it in your obliques, each time you hop.  Yes, when I said 50 I meant 50 on each side, so you’re gonna do 50. I’m not because I’m not gonna have you stand here and watch me because I gotta get to my workout.

So basically right after you’re done with that you’re gonna do  plyo, staggered pushups. 50 of those meaning 25 on each side. So we’ve done this before I’m sure you guys have seen them. Keep one hand close to the body, you’re feet are gonna be open.  One hand close to the body, boom, and then pop it to the other side. 

So just count to 50; 25 on each side. That other one is 50 on each side, so let me just clarify if I didn’t say it clear enough the first time.  This pushup, just do 50. Soon as you’re done with that, yet again we’re gonna go to each side and we’re gonna do Mountain Climbers. I’m gonna have you guys do them a little different so we’re working your obliques as you’re popping from side to side. 

Now we’re gonna work your obliques again, So you’re Mountain Climbers are going to. I have you do them on the outside, now I’m gonna have you do them on the inside.  So, you’re gonna cross, this is gonna be what your Mountain Climbers look like and go as fast as you can with control. 50 on each side.

Think about bringing your knee to the outside of your opposite elbow. So you really feel it in your obliques.  Now, if you’re not engaging your abs, which you should be,  being face down you’ve gotta engage your core. Don’t let your back drop if you feel it in your back, squeeze your abs even more. I’m not even doing anything and right now I can feel my abs, my abs are warm because I’m engaging them. I’m gonna work them 10x harder when you’re doing the actual movement with them warmed and engaged.

Soon as you’re done with that you’re gonna come over here and we’re gonna add some arms and some legs, total body.  So you’re gonna hold you’re tube here , stay close, I’m not gonna get too low otherwise  I’ll get hooked. By hooked, you know what I mean by that, and I’m gonna squat and I’m gonna jump and press.  So squat, press, press. Now if you don’t have a tube but you have some dumbbells, you can do the same thing.

Just with this, there’s a little bit more core involvement because tubes have a different kind of resistance. If you’re holding on to a 5lb dumbbell, it’s still gonna be 5 lbs when you press it. When you hold onto that, the higher you get and the more you press, the more the tension on the tube and it’s gonna pull you back this way. So you have to, so think about it, you have to engage your abs more to keep you upright because the tube is pulling you back that way.

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So a lot more core involvement then just plain old, dumbbell, shoulder press, jump squat, shoulder press. Then, love the jump rope! You guys practice this so then you can just play around so when you get to your circuits, which is what these are, you can do some cool stuff.  So, boom! You can go double.

So, if you just finished doing that, couple things, if you’re doing across, you’re working your shoulders, it’s almost like you’re doing a rotator cuff, if you’re here double hitting it, when you double jump you’re working your shoulders even more. If you just do regular and hold it out, you’re gonna do this for 2 minutes and play around with some tricks. If you just hold it out, a little bit more bicep involvement, I’ve been playing around with my jump rope holding it out like this.

Okay, we’re moving it slightly up and down. Then you’re gonna go right back to your top with your ½ burpee obliques. So here’s the thing; I do a million videos all the time, I do videos on food, cardio, nutrition, you got your weight loss workout today. But basically there’s a lot more detail, it’s on the website and it’s on here, my YouTube channel is on my website JennAguirre.com.

But I also have a program, it’s very, very inexpensive it’s called trainingwithJenntv.com . It’s $1 for the first two weeks and then $25 a month after that. What you do is you get three workouts a month, three different ones and then you can change them each week because it’s four weeks that you’ll practice that. And then you’ll move on to Phase Two. It’s endless, I’m in the middle, right now, of taping Phase 15, so you can train with me forever, there’s no end to it.

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You’ll get a recipe with all the little healthy ideas, you’ll get a recipe every month, a video of me cooking in my kitchen but when you first enroll you get all the information about nutrition, food and combinations of a sample meal plan and a grocery list and everything. Literally the video is on the website, if you feel like you need more accountability and more support and just having the information and knowing what to do and making your own appointment then that’s fine, then you can do that one.

If you feel like you need more support, I don’t care where you are I have a client in Hawaii, Atlanta, New York, Wisconsin, everywhere, you can do my more aggressive program it’s called Coaching with Jenn.  You can go to the websites, that’s where you would physically email me every day, you know texts, coaching calls once a month and all the stuff on Train with Jenn.

But you get to email me your food log everyday and every day I send you back critique that I call PCP which is the “praise, correct, praise” sandwich. So you’ll always get positive feedback even if you lose it or make a mistake and there’s accountability for your workouts. So, you’ll actually set an appointment up with me, with you training with me online on Training with Jenn. And we would go over all that on our first phone call.

So it all depends on what you want, there are endless possibilities. If you have a goal in mind, and you want more than what I give to you on the website or the YouTube, and you want a program and you want more structure then please come and join my program there’s so, so, so much more information about sodium and everything.

So TrainwithJenntv.com: awesome. If you just need a little extra help go, if you need a lot more help, Coachingwith Jenn.com.

So, I love you, I hope you like this video, go do it! All these videos are awesome fillers and I will see you soon.

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