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If your looking for a legit weight loss plan…look no further, our client Brian Baniqued is going to share with you his experience with our weight loss program.

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Hi, good morning, I’m Brian and I’m 38 years old and I work out at Aguirre Fitness. Um, life before coming to Aguirre Fitness; well I was always into working out; and I was in really good shape when I was 25. Um, and then of course throughout the years I got into business and everyday life my routine went down and of course I gained weight like everybody else. 

I got all the way up to 165 pounds and just got myself back down to 150-155 pounds before coming to Aguirre Fitness.  Why I ended up joining was because I have three other brothers, (I have no idea what he says here) and all of them are really into working out. One of them, who comes here to Aguirre Fitness and really recommended Christian and his training routines. 

And I know I was having a hard, a really hard time getting past where I was at by myself. I just couldn’t give myself that same level of motivation that I had when I was 25. Again, my typical workouts at the time were 2-3 times a week and again I wasn’t watching diet and a lot of little things I used to do I’d forgotten. Coming to Aguirre Fitness helped bring a lot of that stuff back and most of all it gave me the motivation to push it that extra bit just to the point where I can really begin to see the results.

If you think about it, horse races, or any type of races, aren’t won by feet; they’re usually won by inches and that’s usually what it takes just that little extra push that you wouldn’t normally get on yourself and that’s what I get from Aguirre Fitness. Christian gives you some really, really grueling workouts.

I know my first day here I ended up throwing up, and again after that I realized that it was something that I wanted to continue to do because I began to see the results. I was very skeptical at first, when I used to train I didn’t do it with any type of physical trainer. A lot of the ones that I had been exposed to in the past weren’t really practicing what they preached and I saw that was really different at Aguirre Fitness because what I saw both trainers; husband and wife were into fitness themselves. 

Jenn, who actively competes was a good inspiration to be able to look up to. And now since I’ve joined Aguirre Fitness, I had dropped from 157 pounds down to about 143, 144 pounds, I dropped my waistline back from 31 down to 28. So I got a 40 inch bust, I guess, and a 28 inch waist again. Had to go clothes shopping the other day, it was really cool because when I got in front of the mirror and started trying on different clothes and I could see the results and the stomach muscles I was getting my 6 pack going back on an 8 pack back. And again these were all really, really encouraging things to me because these weren’t things I could do on my own. 

For anybody out there who’s kind of skeptical and thinking about joining, the first thing I would say to you is stop thinking about it and give it a shot. You don’t have anything to lose. Whatever you do when you get here, just listen and go with the flow, just listen to whatever Christian tells you to do; he knows what he’s doing even though sometime you’re wondering what’s he making me do? Until you begin to see the results and you really do begin to put up the sweat that you wouldn’t get on your own. So that’s about all I’ve got to say about Aguirre Fitness, hopefully I’ll see you here.

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