Weight Loss For Vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian? If so check out this video I made about weight loss for vegetarians.

check out this video on weight loss for vegetarians


Hey everyone, so I am here with a video to help all the vegetarians and vegans out there. So, I just posted on facebook, if you’re not my friend go be my friend, Jennifer Russo Aguirre on facebook.

weight loss for vegetarians is a popular topic

So, basically I just asked yesterday what kind of videos you guys would you guys like to see and we’ve a lot of people, we probably had like fifteen comments and about ten of them were on nutrition and I had a couple people asking for vegetarian and vegan.

So, you always want to get your protein so I’m a big fan of making sure you get your protein balanced out for your blood sugar levels, so basically what you want to do is make sure that you’re getting your protein from somewhere.

So, obviously if you can’t get it from animal products like turkey and fish and stuff like, that you can get them from other places, but you’ve got to watch the amount of fat that comes with it and the amount of sodium and the amount of carbs.

So everybody thinks that beans have protein but there’s more carbs with beans than there is protein, but you do get a little bit. You’re not allowed to have beans at night because you don’t want to have the sugar from the carbs at night that will just convert to fat if you don’t use it. So basically I’m over here, right behind me is the tofu.

Tofu does have a little bit but still not in reference to ratio of carbs, it still doesn’t have a lot.  (oh…thank you! I had somebody offer to do the camera for me) But basically you want to make sure you have enough but not too much where you’re getting, I always tell my clients that you want to get at least fifteen grams of protein per serving, for some of the men you want to get more than that.

So basically you want to look for something that is going to be lean and firm. Over here we have our tofu. So you have some of them that have two point five grams of fat, three point five, three, and then some of the ones that are like four grams, so you want to pick something that’s lean.

This one right here, this one’s light so it’s one point five and it’s only got one gram of carbs and seven grams of protein. So basically you could have yourself two servings of that and you’ll be good. So other forms, you’re obviously going to need to implement some type of protein powder.

Whey protein, I’m sure most vegans out there can have whey protein. Your cheese, so if we went over right now, I’m in a supermarket and currently the one I’m in doesn’t have what I would like to tell you about but you can get you’re protein from cottage cheese. However, cottage cheese is very, very high in sodium, so as of right now I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s.

I believe that they have a low sodium cottage cheese and I know for a fact that Safeway, if you have a Safeway near you it’s called Lucerna or Lucerne, and they have a low sodium. So, it’s dramatically different. So basically you’ve got four hundred and fifty milligrams of sodium for a half a cup of…a half a cup of regular sodium cottage cheese, of the low sodium one it’s eighty five.

So you want to watch, let’s just say you’re having regular sodium cottage cheese before you go to bed you’re going to wake up feeling thicker, like if you’re wearing rings you’re going to feel like you’re ring is going to be a bit tighter. Anytime you have something that is higher in sodium and you have it right before bed or right before not being active you’re automatically you’re body is going to feel it.

So those are some different options for how to get protein for vegans out there. I would not have any beans at night, although they do provide a little bit of protein. So basically from cottage cheese, you don’t want to have too many shakes, so as I tell all my clients you want to have more real food because you’re body works harder to burn off the real food. So you don’t want to have a crazy amount of shakes all day because you want to get in your protein, you can get it from your tofu, you can get it from your cottage cheese.

If there are some vegetarians out there that do have egg whites, and maybe you don’t have chicken or beef or anything like that, you know write your comments and let me know and I’ll give you, if you have any other concerns or questions or if you’re a full, full vegan obviously it’s nothing. So, I would then say go with some protein shakes. But literally a lot of the time vegetarians have a lot, a lot of…that’s why I’m in the vegetable section…they are like I eat very healthy because I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

But you might not realize that your blood sugar levels are all over the place because all you’re doing is eating fruit because raising your blood sugar levels are up and they are crashing later and there’s nothing to balance them out. So do the best that you can to get in some type of protein to balance it out so that you are not eating…and then also watch your servings. You don’t want to have, like I’m having my breakfast, fruit and vegetables, my lunch, fruit and vegetables, my dinner and you are thinking that you’re healthy when literally your blood sugar levels are all over the place and your metabolism is very slow because it’s raising and crashing and then you’re going hours with having your blood sugars not level.

So, please write your comments, I hope that this helped. I hope that this gave some people some ideas, you know if there is something out there that maybe I don’t know about I could always learn.

So leave me a comment and I’ll do my research on it and I’ll do my best to help you out. Stay healthy, stay focused, protein and carbs and then protein at night, no carbs at night and leave your comments and let me know. I love you and I hope that this helped, and I hope that you feel like you got some of your questions answered. More videos to come! 

watch this video on more weight loss for vegetarians

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