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Hey there hope your having an AWESOME holiday season. I wanted to share with you another successful weight loss story from one of our super star clients Laura Stephenson.

Check out the video to hear how she lost over 30 pounds in under 90 days

true story from one of our successful weight loss clients

Hi, my name is Laura; I’ve been a member of Aguirre Fitness for two months now. Um, I decided to join because I had gotten to a point in my life where I was getting nowhere and I felt horrible about myself and I decided I needed to make a change so I looked into a couple gyms, and I saw people working out in front of the club, on the sidewalk and thought that was kind of what I needed.

So, I joined and in two months I’ve lost 23 pounds, about 16 inches, 8% of my body fat, I feel totally great about myself and I’ve actually had to learn to accept compliments from people which is something I’ve never received so it’s new for me. Um, the hardest part was coming in the door in the first place but the people here are like a little family and they make you just, they’re a lot of go, go people.  And I love it!

check this out, my client Laura Stephenson who had a successful weight loss successful weight loss client Laura Stephenson

In a few weeks after Christmas we will be launching a brand new weight loss program that is guaranteed to help you get the body you always wanted. Keep an eye out for our emails for more details.

In the meantime I would love to hear what you think about Laura’s successful weight loss achievement

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