Start Reading Nutrition Labels

It’s tough to cook everything from scratch if you’re busy trying to earn a living, raise the kids and live a normal life, so people opt for prepackaged processed food. Processed food isn’t all bad. In fact, frozen fruit and vegetables without added sugar are processed according to the definition. They’re picked at their full ripeness and immediately frozen, which means they may actually contain more nutrients than fresh produce on the shelf. You can make better decisions on which foods are healthy by reading nutrition labels.

At Aguirre Fitness, we don’t make you count calories.

Counting calories can be frustrating and often doesn’t work. That’s because you end up giving up and put your fitness on the back burner. We don’t work like that. We provide a time tested program with a money back guarantee that is a combination of exercise and healthy eating. You’ll burn fat, and get the success you want. It combines both tried and true methods of the past and the modern scientific information available today.

Those “health” foods might not be that healthy.

You’ll really only know if you read the label. For instance, granola and protein bars seem like they should be good for you, but when you consider that many contain high-fructose corn syrup or other form of sugar, hydrogenated oils and other additives. When you read the label, look for the minimum number of ingredients. Stick with those that have unsweetened fruit, whole grains and nuts or other natural ingredients.

You can find the amount of each ingredient by reading the label.

If the product is a whole wheat bread, whole grain flour should be at the top of the list. It shouldn’t be white flour with a bit of whole wheat flour. There is white whole grain flour that is made from a variety of white wheat, not red wheat, so don’t be fooled by the color of the bread. Read the rest of the label to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

  • Be on the lookout for healthy food that has been changed and became unhealthy. Low fat yogurt has extra sugar added to give it flavor. Yogurt with fruit, also frequently has added sugar. Make sure there are live bacteria.
  • You’ll find the freshest food when you check the food label. Compare food labels to find the container that has the most distant use by date. They put food on the shelves at varying times, so get ones that are freshest.
  • When you read labels, it’s good for your pocketbook, too. Many groceries have a private brand that’s made at the same facility as the more expensive name brand and contains the same ingredients.
  • You won’t find a personal trainer with a money back guarantee anywhere else in Henderson, except at Aguirre Fitness. That’s because we’ve proven our system will help you lose 11-21 pounds of body fat in just 30 days.

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