Should I Cut Out Dairy Altogether?

If you can’t digest dairy products because you don’t make the enzymes necessary, it doesn’t mean you need to cut out dairy completely. Those with lactose intolerance suffer from bloating, gas and sometimes diarrhea because they can’t digest the lactose. However, there are several levels of lactose intolerance. One woman who was severely intolerant at an early age, found she could eat ice cream sparingly when she was pregnant. Some cheese is low in lactose, such as hard aged cheese, like cheddar. Yogurt has bacteria that helps digest the lactose, so even those with lactose intolerance don’t have to give up all dairy.

Some people swear that dairy free is the way to go if you want to lose weight.

It’s true that some dairy products contain a large number of calories, but is it really beneficial to weight loss to give up dairy entirely? Think about the various types of dairy products. There’s ice cream, cheese, butter and other higher calorie foods. The Caveman diet ditches dairy, just as it eliminates grains. Some people say that they feel so much better when they don’t eat dairy and lose weight quickly. Does it help you clear up your skin, feel better and shed those unwanted pounds? The results vary from person to person, depending on their sensitivity to dairy.

What foods contain dairy and which ones don’t?

If you’re dedicated to giving up all dairy, it’s more than just giving up cheese, butter and sour cream. Baked goods contain dairy, so do milky dressings like ranch. Check the ingredients on many foods and you’ll find dry milk solids or milk by products. Rennet, recaldent in toothpaste, nougat and ghee are dairy products. You can use alternative sources for milk like almond or soy milk. Gelatin based desserts and candy can substitute for milk based products and dark chocolate is not only healthier than milk chocolate, it’s allowed on a dairy-free diet.

You could see some changes in your body.

If you have acne or blemishes, giving up dairy may provide relief. Studies dating back to the 1940s show there’s a link between blemishes and consuming dairy products. There are other studies that show that giving up dairy may also help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Using an elimination diet can help. Simply give up dairy for several weeks and see if your skin clears. Make no other changes to your diet or you won’t know what the culprit is.

  • Dairy has a potential to be a food allergen like any other type of food. Giving it up may help identify it as the offender.
  • Do you have bloating, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s or celiac disease? Giving up dairy may help you achieve some relief. These conditions damage the digestive system and giving up dairy can bring relief.
  • There are links from dairy to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Even type 1 diabetes type 1 has a link to dairy products in early infancy if consumed in the first three months. Of course, weight loss, which also affects type 2 diabetes, can also come from consuming dairy.
  • Dairy contains essential nutrients and healthy bacteria, but it also can give you headaches. While your skin may clear up when you give up dairy, it might weaken your immune system. Giving up dairy can stabilize your moods and boost your energy.

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