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Okay, so we are here at Tina’s Place in Pinole. I’ve never been here; I’ve read about it, I’ve gone on their website, absolutely beautiful presentation. You guys are gonna get to go to their website; we’ll give you a link to it so that you can see it. Basically what I ordered from was from the lunch menu, its one o’clock in the afternoon.

So I’m gonna show you what I ordered but first I’m gonna show you, so this is basically they have like pasta entrees, entrees, appetizers, desserts. There’s salads; sandwiches, burgers. I ordered from the lunch menu. The lunch menu and they’re making some changes to it, but they also even have omelets, they have burgers, salads, breakfast.

And apparently not on here, but it is on the website, they have wraps. So I ordered a grilled chicken pesto wrap. So I did a little research on the pesto sauce because I like to give you guys information. So one tablespoon of pest has about three grams of protein (which I don’t even know where that’s coming from) a hundred and five grams of sodium which is not bad. It does have seven grams of fat, so if it’s literally just spread on the inside I seriously doubt that you’re getting, I think it’s a tablespoon, a tablespoon of that.

And it’s got less than a carb so you’re okay with that.  They have spinach wraps so it’s not a regular, white wrap. Look at this, absolutely beautiful; grilled chicken with the pesto, cooked, nothing extra and there’s mushrooms and sautéed onions.

So basically sautéed onions, onions, are a little bit of carbs because they are sweet but to count it in here is like nothing. Mushrooms are nothing and then you have like nothing from that pesto sauce. So basically that is depending on the size of the wrap, because I did not open it up, but if it’s a regular traditional size one which is small, then you’re good.

It’s probably no more than 25 grams. If it’s one of the big ones, which most of the time when you have them out at restaurants, it is the big ones. But if you could see, there’s all that extra that you don’t really need. Like you could take, I mean this is just wrap, you could take that stuff off. So; the big ones are about 32 grams of carbs; 34 grams of carbs some of them.

So like if you were to buy it in the grocery store, so if you just peel off that you’re less than your 30 grams because you got a couple from the onions. But I’m telling you right now, great menu, so much, Tina’s Place in Pinole. Come down, you can see what their hours are, see the rest of the menus, again some of that stuff isn’t even on there.

I actually was about to come here and I wanted to be ready to do the video and I placed my order from what’s on the website. So those wraps weren’t even on the website. But really, really super, super excited about this place. I mean, again, it took me making a review for you guys to find it.

’ve seen it, I just never saw how cute it is inside. I can’t show you guys because they’re massively busy. So, come down Tina’s Place in Pinole. I hope you guys like it, breakfast, lunch dinner, whatever and come and enjoy them.

If you want to know more about this restaurant. Check out their website:

2300 San Pablo, Pinole Ca.


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