How to Do Cardio in Gyms That is Effective But Not Boring

The key to getting the most out of the cardio you do is to continuously challenge yourself. An additional benefit of taking this approach to cardio is it will prevent this type of exercise from quickly becoming boring. If you do the same routine at the same pace, not only will you get bored, but you will stop making progress.

High Intensity = Effective Cardio That Won’t Result in Boredom

The type of cardio that challenges and engages you is high intensity interval training. Commonly referred to as HIIT, this approach to cardio challenges you by cycling your intensity levels during each session.

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While you can try different variations of this method once you’ve gotten used to it, starting with a standard approach is the easiest way to get your momentum going. When you arrive at your Hercules 94547 gym, choose the cardio machine you want to use. Although HIIT can be used on any type of equipment, many people have discovered that a spin bike works best.

How to Start a HIIT Session

Begin your cardio session with a three minute warmup. Next, start increasing your intensity. You don’t want to go from warmup to full intensity. Instead, you want to start working, but not past the point where you’re unable to chat in between breaths. Although you probably want to focus on your session instead of actually talking, this is the simplest way to gauge the appropriate level of intensity.

Whether you’re using a bike, treadmill or elliptical, don’t let the machine do the work for you. Instead, make sure you’re supporting your own weight. Although it can be tempting to lean on any of these machines, doing so means you’re cheating yourself and decreasing the effectiveness of your Hercules 94547 session.

The Key is Hitting Your Intensity Peaks

As you build your intensity, you want to peak with what’s commonly referred to as a “wind sprint.” Even if you’re not on a treadmill, the wind sprint concept still applies. This is the time to push yourself hard enough that you likely feel a burn in your muscles. Even though you’re doing cardio, this burn still occurs because you’re pushing yourself to the point that your anaerobic systems are also being worked. It’s worth noting that while you want your wind sprints to be challenging, you don’t have to push yourself to the point of feeling you’re going to pass out!

After your wind sprint, reduce your intensity. This doesn’t mean drop back to a warmup. Instead, keep a pace that allows you to regroup after your sprint but is still challenging.

You’ll end your HIIT with a three minute cooldown. This session can last anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. Your medium intensity and sprint intervals can go range from thirty seconds to five minutes. Most HIIT sessions include six to twelve cycles.

Because the rules aren’t set in stone, experiment to see what works best with your current fitness level and amount of available time.

Learn how to do cardio in a Hercules 94547 gyms

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