How Kettlebell Training Can Help Women Lose Weight East Bay

If your fitness goals include weight loss and fat burning, kettlebell training is a great component to add to your current routine.  The results from an effective kettlebell workout can be amazing if done properly. 

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Many women are gravitating toward kettelebell training because of the fact that it is a super fat burning workout.  Most women have fitness goals of weight loss and building lean muscle mass, and kettlebell workouts offer those results when practiced regularly.  Since kettlebells are such a challenging workout, most women notice a change in their body in as little as a week.

One of the unique things about kettlebell routines is that they are typically a lot shorter than a regular strength training workout with dumbbells.  The reason for this is because kettlebells are heavy and disproportionate in comparison to a dumbbell, whose weight is evenly distributed.  Not only are you engaging your muscles to lift the weight of a kettlebell, you are also engaging your muscles to control it.

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Because of the level of difficulty of a kettlebell workout, workout times are usually half that of a typical dumbbell routine.  Since you are engaging several different muscle groups all at once, kettlebell training can give you the same or even better results in less time.

Another benefit to kettlebell training is you can forego your typical boring elliptical machine session and use kettlebells instead.  Used as a cardio workout, kettlebell routines can also help break your body out of a plateau, because it’s challenging your body to do something unlike what you may currently be doing.  The most effective way to break out of a plateau is to shock your body into working out differently.

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Kettlebell training can be used in a bunch of different ways and yield huge benefits.  You can use them to shake up your current cardio routine or as an adjunct to an already established workout routine.  They not only help burn fat, but increase strength, endurance, but help build bone density, which is ideal for women to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. 

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