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Okay, hey I’m here with some cheap healthy meal ideas. So basically what I do is I have my little lunch bag, I’ve taken pictures of it and put it on FaceBook, I’ve taken pictures of my refrigerator.

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So the way to make a cheap healthy meal would be for you to preplan it. No matter what, I mean if you go out to the coffee shop and you order a sandwich it’s always going to be more expensive than if you preplan it yourself.

So it really just is about time management and a lot of my programs that I have, even a lot of the videos that I do for you, where I teach you about setting yourself up for success and making your food for the day and all that stuff.  So basically I always tell you guys about how I eat 12-15 times a day, 11-13, whatever, of course that’s still high. So basically what I have in here is my food.

So basically what I have is, this morning I woke up and right before I answered my emails I eat a couple egg whites because you have to eat as soon as you wake up in the morning. Then what I have is all my little meals in here; it doesn’t get any cheaper than this because I bought everything in bulk and I put it all together.

So then I eat my breakfast after my run. Then in here, it looks kinda gross but I don’t care because I don’t need my food to look pretty, I have this; oatmeal and egg whites that has already been made.  So what I do is put a ¼ cup of oatmeal, put a ¼ cup of water, and a ½ cup of egg whites .

You can do regular egg whites or you can do what we have which is Lana’s Egg Whites, if you’re in another area you can buy them online. If you’re local and want to contact me, I do have them. All my clients know that I have three freezers at my house filled with buckets of them, but you can do it with regular egg whites.

lanas eggwhites are cheap healthy meal ideas

So, that would be my fourth meal today; egg whites, then egg whites and oatmeal right after my run, then a bar, I had a bar right before my session,  and then I’m gonna have that literally in 20 minutes. Then, I will go to the gym. Right after this, I’m gonna go to the gym. Right after the gym, I have a ¼ cup of oatmeal right here and my Raley’s low sodium turkey. It is the best tasting, and the best stats.

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Trader Joe’s, I love Trader Joe’s they have low sodium Turkey but to me it has an aftertaste. But this, it really tastes like regular deli turkey.  But, it’s Raley’s. So if you have a Raley’s near you, boom! If not, then just look for low sodium turkey because I’m a big fan of low sodium.

It doesn’t get any cheaper than that because I buy three pounds of this pre-separated for the whole entire week and then I buy my big jug of instant oatmeal  and I made this last night but this has been already separated from when I bought the three pounds; doesn’t get any cheaper than that. Okay, then, like two hours later I will have another serving of oatmeal, and one of these pieces of plain grilled chicken.

So what I do is I buy, fresh is better than frozen, frozen is a little bit cheaper but I buy the fresh chicken breast they’re actually flattened, so it’s the thin chicken breast and I make a whole refrigerator filled . So there’s two pieces in here; one that’s gonna go with this snack and then another one,  I know people laugh at me but I eat it like an apple, it’s a raw orange,  sometimes yellow pepper.

I’ll eat this at like 4 o’clock, so this is probably like 15 carbs and then I train clients and I’m active and I’m demonstrating exercises and all that other stuff.  I might have another bar as another snack depending on where my workout, sometimes my workout falls a little bit later on in the afternoon, I don’t want my clients having more than one bar a day, I  can because of my condition, I don’t absorb everything that I eat, everybody knows that I have Crohn’s disease. But I don’t want you, I’m a freak of nature don’t follow that part of what I do, but everything else you can follow.

And then what I do, I won’t eat the whole, entire thing but then I have my sugar snacks. But literally this bag will last for three days.  And then at 5 or 6’oclock, right before I’ m about to go into my next  session, I’ll have the other piece of chicken  and I’ll have a few of these .

jenn having a piece of chicken for her cheap healthy meal ideas

And then after my session, when I get home I will have a couple more egg wites that I will make and a little bit more of these. So literally it’s like all day long that I’m eating and this is the cheapest meal thing that you can put together. So literally it really is all about setting yourself up for success, getting yourself preplanned, making everything in advance.  

It literally took me, and everybody knows I cook for me, my husband and my son; I boil a whole bunch of egg whites for my son, I made ground turkey for my husband, I’ll make whole wheat pasta, I’ll make quinoa for my son, he loves quinoa and ground turkey. I don’t eat ground turkey.

But basically, literally it takes me no more than an hour, 45 minutes, less for mine and it doesn’t even take that long anymore because I don’t make as many of the boiled eggs as I did when I made the first video on how to preplan for the day. But cheap healthy meal ideas literally plan yourself.

There’s nobody that can tell me that out of seven days a week, that you don’t have 10, 15 minutes to throw chicken, throw eggs, throw fish, throw vegetables somewhere on your stoves and get them setup and then 15 minutes your kid’s taking a nap, your kid’s playing with his choo-choo trains, your husband plays with your kid, your wife, whatever, whoever you are you have time during the day to zip lock bag stuff,  pop it in the oven, walk away, do laundry, whatever.

There is no reason why you cannot do this. Everybody has time to do it, it’s just a matter of are you going to do it. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that, save yourself an endless amount of money. I do videos on coffee shops and on Subway and on all those things but none of those places are going to be cheaper than you and none of those places are gonna have low sodium, a lot of the times unless you specially tell them to make the chicken without something they’re gonna put a little oil on it, they might even put a little salt on it for seasoning and literally sodium is a killer these days.

So again, I have programs; many, many programs they’re on my website my Jenn Aguirre website, I talk about them, I haven’t really talked about them ever on my YouTube channel  which is where you guys are watching some of these videos or you might be on my website.

But I have programs, my virtual training program, Train with Jenn, you get all the information about nutrition, trainwithJenntv.com where you can watch a video of me talking about it; that is, you do it, I give you the tools and you do it, you can watch the video.

If you need more help, more tools, more support, daily accountability, daily support on me correcting your food logs because not everybody eats the same thing like I do every day. So I critique things every single day; phone coaching, texting, email, that’s my aggressive program, CoachingwithJenn.com

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Both of those are at the top of my website; my virtual coaching and my coaching, and you can check out, there’s no video on that one but you can read about everything. Train with Jenn is included; Train with Jenn a dollar for the first two weeks and $25 a month, endless so you can train with me forever; everything, all the details are on the website.

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Coaching with Jenn is a little bit more aggressive because there’s a lot more support that you get. I got clients all over the world that have lost anywhere between 20, 30, 60 pounds. I have a guy in Wisconsin that’s lost 50 pounds with me and I’ve never even met him, I hope one day to meet him. His name is Miles, his video testimonial is on the website; he’s incredible.

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So check all that stuff out, preplan your meals, stop making excuses, you can be healthy and I will see you soon.

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