Cardio Vs Other Fat Burning Workouts

Who doesn’t want to burn calories and fat if weight loss is their goal? Which workout is the best? Should you focus on cardio or some other fat burning workouts, like lifting weights or HIIT—high intensity interval training. Some types of cardio burns tons of calories, such as running or competitive cycling. The more intense the exercise, the more calories you burn. Using a variety of workouts is the best way to ensure you’ll tone and build all muscle groups and lose weight.

HIIT workouts are huge calorie burners.

HIIT is not a specific type of workout, but rather a way of doing any type of exercise, whether it’s walking, riding a bike or doing bodyweight exercises. To make a workout an HIIT workout, simply go at top intensity for a minute or two and then do a far less intense recovery period for an equal length of time or even slightly longer. It burns a tremendous amount of calories when you do it and continues even after you’re finished.

Lifting weights is great for calorie burning.

Strength training is also a good way to build calories. Unlike cardio training that burns calories from both fat and protein, leaving you with less lean muscle mass, it actually builds muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn around the clock. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does. You can even use HIIT to increase the amount of calories burned or create an interval training program.

Swimming and water exercises burn calories and is good for those with joint problems.

The water makes you buoyant so you don’t have as much pressure on your joints, but it also adds resistance that makes your body work harder. One study showed that swimming burns about 230 calories in a half hour, depending on your body build and the type of stroke you do. A butterfly stroke burns the most. One 12-week study showed that swimming just 60 minutes 3 times a day significantly burned body fat, while improving flexibility.

  • If you’re trying to burn the most fat, vary your workout. The body becomes efficient at doing certain movements if done consistently and burns fewer calories. The more you run, the fewer calories you’ll burn.
  • Your weight, how intensely you workout and your sex makes a difference on how many calories you burn. The more you weigh, the more muscle you have, the more intense your workout and if you’re a man means you’ll burn more.
  • Doing compound workouts and using full body workouts, such as with kettlebells, will burn more calories than exercises that just work one muscle group.
  • What you eat makes the biggest difference in whether you will lose weight or not. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Eating healthy and exercising are both necessary for weight loss.

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