Butt Exercises That Don’t Require Weights

One of the benefits of working with us is that there is no calorie counting. We also offer the only money back guarantee in Henderson. Whether you lose weight or just want to feel healthier, getting your fittest and looking your best means you have to exercise and eat healthy, too. It helps you get the maximum benefit. One area people often want to tone is their derriere. As you lose weight, these butt exercises will help. You don’t have to have any equipment to do them, either.

Start simple with a kickback.

Stand next to a chair and hold it for extra balance. Swing one leg behind you and keep the other leg and back straight. Lift that leg as high as possible without leaning forward. Hold it at the high position and squeeze the glutes as tight as you can. Lower the leg, but don’t let it touch the ground and repeat the motion. Do several times and switch to the other leg.

Work your butt and your core muscles with a bridge.

Doing a bridge is good for toning hamstrings, too. It’s easy to do. Lay on your back on your mat or floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your arms to your sides with the palms up. Put your weight on your heels as you lift your hips off the floor. Try to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold and squeeze muscles, then slowly lower back to starting position. Repeat.

A modified plank can work your whole body, plus give your butt a lift.

If you’re not familiar with a plank, it is similar to doing a push-up, but pushing up and holding. There are many ways to modify the plank to make it easier or focus on specific muscle groups. This one starts in a modified plank position that’s good for beginners. Instead of your weight being on your hands in front, you rise up and rest on your forearms. Toes should be touching and the body should form a straight line with the upper torso elevated. To work your glutes, raise one heel toward the ceiling by lifting it off the floor and pointing your toes. Hold and slowly return to the start position and raise the other leg.

  • There’s nothing better than squats for building a beautiful booty. Make sure you keep your back straight and head up. Your feet should be hip width apart. Lower your body keeping your knees behind your toes as you stick your butt behind you, like you’re you’re sitting down. Stand up and repeat.
  • You can work different muscles or work the same muscles on different planes by simply adjusting the width of your feet when you do a squat. Try them with a wider stance, with them shoulder-width apart.
  • Try the basic lunge. Put your right foot forward, leaving the left foot about three feet back. Bend your knees and lunge forward and down. Your back knee should touch the floor and the front knee should be at 90 degrees. Stand up and repeat then switch the left foot to the front.
  • Find a chair or coffee table that puts your knee at a 90-degree angle when you step on it with one leg and use it as a stair stepper or step platform.

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