5 Ways to Burn Fat in 30 Minutes East Bay

If you hate spending long hours in the gym like I do, you can actually burn more fat & calories faster by just working out in just 30 minutes. Here are my top 5 ways you can speed up your workouts Las Vegas:

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  1. Combine your exercises together  If your goal is to build lean muscle or burn fat, super-setting exercises together will actually speed up your workout & metabolism. By combining 2, 3, or even 4 exercises together will increase your caloric burn & increase your cardio capacity by 85%.
  2. Keep your rest periods short  In-between sets, keep your rest periods to 60 seconds. You want to keep your rest periods short so that you can continue to keep your heart rate up and continue to burn fat while resting.
  3. Keep the intensity high and cardio sessions short  You can save a ton of time by doing interval training during your cardio sessions. A great example of this would be to sprint for 2 minutes/ jog for 2 minutes/ walk for 1 minute for a period of 20 minutes. By utilizing interval training, your heart rate will increase faster, speed up metabolism, & save time with your workout.
  4. Shorten up your repititions  If you’re looking to build lean muscle and increase your strength, start lifting heavier weight and doing less repetitions. This technique will help you increase strength; if your strength increases, you will build lean muscle quicker which will equal more fat burned.
  5. Change the tempo of your workouts  Changing the tempo of your range of motion during exercise will help change the difficulty of the exercise. You can do this by increasing the speed or decrease the tempo of the exercise. Try this tempo change every 3 weeks and I guarantee your normal routine will become more challenging.

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So if you want to burn more calories and spend only 30 minutes a day working out, then apply these 5 simple techniques in your workout program Las Vegas.

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